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Honey Garlic Steak Bites

This week I have something totally different & definitely delicious for y'all! My family and I LOVE a good Japanese steakhouse. Of course, Covid has slowed, basically stopped, our ability to go out to some of our favorite spots, so this recipe is a fantastic home version of that delicious steak you can find at your local hibachi grill ~ minus all the jokes and big flames.

There are some substitutions you can use; the steak does not have to be sirloin. I’ve used ribeye and flat iron steak. You also don’t have to use olive oil, that’s just my choice. You can use vegetable, canola, whatever you may have on hand.

This recipe is definitely a crowd pleaser at my house. It says it serves 6, but there are 4 of us and we don’t have leftovers!! I serve it with fried rice and maybe a salad, but I’m telling you, the steak alone will leave you wanting nothing else!

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