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PBR Experience

Last weekend we had the opportunity to house 71 PBR bulls at the barn. Dryce is obsessed with the PBR, so of course, he was over the moon excited. The bulls started coming in around noon on Thursday and it just so happened the boys were out of school for the stock show, so Dryce was NOT missing the opportunity to meet the bulls up close and personally.

We got to the barn that morning and I can promise you that every time a vehicle of any sort pulled up or made a sound, Dryce was at the window seeing who it was! We met with Cameron, the man in charge of unloading the bulls and getting them settled in, and he could not have been kinder or more patient and friendly to Dryce. He ended up letting Dryce be his sidekick for the day and even allowed him to stay and hang out when I had to leave. They talked about all the bulls, their stats, what they ate, who even knows what all was discussed!

Kevin is the PBR Velocity Tour Arena Manager who originally contacted us about housing the bulls. He graciously gifted us 8 tickets to each performance, but due to the boys being involved with the Mills County Stock Show, we were only able to attend the first night’s performance. We went to the Cedar Park Center Friday evening and took some friends who have a little boy equally obsessed with bulls and bull riding. They had the time of their lives! The PBR was so accommodating and allowed the boys to get down on the arena floor after the event and check out the bucking chutes, bull pens, any and everything you can imagine.

The bulls left on Sunday and we were not able to get there and tell them goodbye. I thought Dryce would be heartbroken, but he did survive. We were so excited to discover the arena manager, Kevin, had taken the huge PBR Velocity Tour sign down and left it for Dryce at the barn. It will forever have a home in our man cave.

All in all, this was an amazing opportunity. I have never really followed the PBR too terribly much, but I can tell you, I will now. Not only was the event itself so much fun, the people were SO gracious and kind to my children that I can’t imagine supporting a better organization. If you have never been to a PBR event, I highly recommend checking one out!


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