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Quick Stuffed Peppers

It’s time for another quick and easy weeknight supper! Stuffed bell peppers: who doesn’t love them? My kids don’t necessarily love the pepper part, but they will eat the inside. I always make sure to include a side they will enjoy as well. These peppers are so incredibly easy, and I can give you a few hacks as well to make it even easier.

First of all, traditionally I see most stuffed peppers being green, but I use the fun colors. I love yellow peppers best personally, so I usually grab one of each color. You can absolutely use whichever color you prefer. My kids aren’t eating the pepper anyway, so I go for pretty colors in my pan. Speaking of the pan, I use a 9x13 Pyrex and I take foil and make little foil bowls to set the peppers down in, so they don’t fall over and make a mess during baking. That’s definitely not a necessity, but I like to do it in case one was to fall as well as it makes clean up easier also…

I also use minute rice. I can stick it in the microwave when I see the meat is about done and its warm and ready to go into the mixture. Again, use whatever you prefer, I just don’t have time for all the steps most days!!

Hope you enjoy this week’s recipe!

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