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Stevie McBride

It’s Stevie’s week!! I am so excited to introduce y’all to this inspiring boss babe I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and I now call a dear friend. Stevie has a passion for fashion, western fashion more specifically, and this inspired her to start her own online boutique, Little Mesquite Boutique. In addition to running her online business, Stevie and her husband Heston own an Ag service business in Lampasas called AgroTech. These endeavors take up most of their time for sure, but when they’re not in the office, you can find them tending to their cattle and horses. They run a small cow/calf operation consisting of mostly Maine/Angus cattle as well as raising and training AQHA quarter horses. Stevie says Heston mostly trains and she mostly rides them like she stole them! She’s always loved horses, but her passion grew when she met Heston. She loves animals and would have 100 horses and an entire funny farm with all the things if Heston would allow it. She loves being horse back and it makes it even better that it’s something she and her husband can do together. She just loves being outside in general, whether it be working alongside Heston, taking care of animals or doing some good old-fashioned porch sittin’, outside is where she truly feels her best and wants to be the most. She’s a huge family person, whether it be her true blood family or friends who are close enough to be called family. She feels time spent with them is irreplaceable and she cherishes those moments.

Speaking of her sweet family, she and Heston recently added to it with their first baby in May!! Hetch is THE most darling little man, and I am here for his chubby cheeks!! She feels he is her biggest accomplishment thus far in life and she and Heston are smitten and quite possibly obsessed with him, as they should be. He is 3 months old and keeps them on their toes!! She has loved becoming a mom and feels it has shaped her into a newer, better version of herself and she is “damn proud of who she has become!” Stevie lives a busy, crazy, “on the go” lifestyle and is not the best at sitting still. Heston would say “she doesn’t have a lot of whoa” but that’s one of my most favorite things about her. She’s super passionate about everything she does, slightly hardheaded, but she loves her people hard and is fiercely loyal. Friends like Stevie are rare and hard to come by and I can assure you I feel completely blessed she entered my life.

I asked Stevie the same questions I asked Katherine and first up was who she looks to for fashion inspiration. She said there’s definitely a long list but for the sake of time, she kept it short. She said her biggest inspiration would be her grandmother. She was always classy and put together no matter the occasion. She said even when doing a task such as painting her kitchen, her “work clothes” would be so put together. She always told Stevie “You never know what will happen or who you’ll see in town, so always have your best foot forward.” Stevie was never a girly girl growing up, but she always secretly admired her grandmother for being so “girly” and poised. She relates to it much more now that she’s older and she realizes a lot more was being taught than just being fashionable. She will admit her day-to-day look is probably far from put together most times, but when it comes down to it, she knows how to clean up nice thanks to her grandmother.

She likes to build her outfits by starting with one main staple piece, whether it be a tee, blazer, jewelry, boots…She starts with a piece she wants her outfit to revolve around. Then, she pairs accordingly. There is no true method to her madness, and it depends on her mood that day. Sometimes she will just see something random in her closet and have an “aha” moment of what to pair it with for a killer combo.

Some current trends she’s loving are the “western chic” look and the “western” business casual looks floating around out there. That happens to be one of my absolute favorite trends currently as well, and I basically describe my barn looks each week as “western” business casual. Like, I’m a professional, but I might step in cow poop, so I dress accordingly. She’s also loving the western grunge and vintage vibe. She’s always been more of a matchy matchy type, but she loves the creative outlet this trend is allowing for, and the eclectic vibe is catching her eye. She loves that it all flows but doesn’t necessarily “match” and it brings in looks that aren’t necessarily western but can be made that way so easily and girls are just killing it and having so much fun with this one! She’s feeling super tempted to step out her comfort zone and I hope she does because I can’t wait to see what she’ll bring to the table!

Some of the influencers she follows religiously for inspiration are Courtenay DeHoff, West Desperado and Western Sage. She loves the “fancy lady cowgirl” movement and Courtenay’s passion for the western lifestyle. She has such a unique spin on the business casual but make it “western” look. She’s always classy and put together, not to mention hilarious. She feels West Desperado (Shaley Ham) is literally a creative genius. And, I mean, don’t we all?? She loves seeing the looks Shaley puts together with so many elements and always keeping it classy. Western Sage (Gabrielle Sage) is another creative genius in Stevie’s book. Stevie loves that she re-styles and re-imagines pieces she already has. It always turns out so unique.

Her favorite places to shop, what we’ve all been waiting for…locally, she likes to shop at Hoffpauir’s and Merk and Tilley’s in Lampasas, Harry’s in San Saba, Blair’s in Marble Falls, and Two Black Cadillacs in Burnet. For her online faves we’re, obviously throwing out a shameless plug for Little Mesquite Boutique, but she also loves Tribe West Boutique, The Wild Gringa, Callico Silver and Turquoise and Teepees.

The two outfits she brought for me go perfectly with her classic favorites and her newer trend favorites. Her timeless staples are denim, blazers, a fabulous, classy pair of boots and turquoise. She is obsessed with Canadian tuxedos and that is a great way to sum up these staples in a vision. So, for her first look, she brought a denim blazer and a starched pair of jeans. She feels you can never go wrong with this outfit, no matter the occasion. You can pair it with fancy jewelry and shoes for anything from date night to a business meeting. Dress it down with a tee, some sandals and more casual jewelry or heck, throw on a cap and low pony to hit up brunch with your best girls! It’s easy and effortless and that is her jam.

For her next outfit, she took it out of the comfort zone and I’m so glad she did!! She threw together a funky and fun look that is trending so hot right now and she KILLED IT!! She paired two of her favorite pieces together and loved it even more than she thought she would.

I hope y'all have enjoyed learning about Stevie as much as I’ve loved getting to know her and stay tuned for the conclusion of this shoot next week featuring my sweet Shadee Baby!!

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