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Steak Fettuccine Alfredo

This week I made fettuccine alfredo with steak and it was delicious. I used sirloin for ours because I was serving 4 of us and that is just what I happened to have available to feed the 4 of us at the time. Please note that this recipe is to serve 2, so you will need to adjust measurements if you’re planning to serve more people.

You will definitely want to choose the right cut of meat because while the sirloin was fine, and fed us all, it just wasn’t the most tender and flavorful choice obviously. I think a ribeye, or a filet mignon would be the best option flavor-wise, but it just depends on what works for you!

I also wasn’t very exact with some of the measurements this week because this is a meal that will definitely depend on you. You’ll decide which cut of meat to serve, how much you’ll eat and then a lot of my seasoning I did to taste this week. So, play with it to meet your needs and enjoy!!

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